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Above The Law (Case Zero)  
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Dead rising 2 case 0 bob and daughter
Location Location icon   Bob's Fish 'n Hunt
Survivor(s) Dead rising bob Bob Blackrock
Dead rising darcie Darcie Blackrock
Starts Time icon   7 pm
Expires Time icon    8:34 pm
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon   Assault Rifle
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Cases

Above The Law (Case Zero) is a Dead Rising 2: Case Zero mission. Chuck Greene must rescue Bob Blackrock's daughter Darcie from Bob's Fish 'n Hunt.[1] While atop the roof, Bob has found his daughter Darcie in Bob's Fish 'n Hunt. He asks Chuck to escort her to him. But when Chuck talks to Darcie she refuses to go anywhere with Chuck. Chuck returns to Bob, and they both return to the sporting goods store. Darcie and Bob then follow Chuck back to the safe house.

This mission, with an end time of 8:34 pm, is the first case, scoop, or mission to have an end or begin time other than at the top of the hour.


Bob: Chuck! I just spotted my girl! Looks like she's in my huntin' store! You can get there first – do old Bob a favor and run over there and make sure she's okay!

Return to Bob's Fish 'n Hunt.

Darcie Blackrock is inside. Speak to her by pressing B

Chuck: Hey are you Bob's daughter?

Darcie: Did you see my father? I twisted my ankle and haven't been able to check in with him.

Chuck: Will you follow me? I'm going to take you and your dad to a safe house.

Darcie: I better not go anywhere with a strange man! My dad would kill you if he finds out.

Chuck: Why would he kill me?

Darcie: He's really protective. You better bring him here, so he can see no funny business is going on.

Leave Bob's Fish 'n Hunt and return to Bob.

Returning to BobEdit

Speak to Bob again by pressing B

Chuck: I found your daughter. She's hurt her ankle and won't leave the store without you.

Bob: She's the apple of my eye. I'm not going nowhere until I know she's safe.

Bob: You better be a gentleman, Chuck. No one lays a hand on my little angel.

Bob: That's my girl, not trusting a stranger. I taught her well. You didn't touch her, did ya, Chuck?

Chuck: Are you kidding? I don't want to piss you off.

Bob: Alright, you can take me to her but I got my eye on you.

Escorting Bob to DarcieEdit


Return to Bob's Fish 'n Hunt

Bob: There's my girl.

Darcie: Daddy!

Bob: I'm so glad you're okay. Chuck's gonna take us to a safe spot.


Escort Bob and DarcieEdit

In the safehouseEdit

Bob: I could get used to being the law 'round here. Thanks for the help.

Escort complete 3,500 Prestige Points for Bob 3,500 Prestige Points for Darcie

Mission beginnning and end times Edit

Dead rising above the law NOT 646 pm
Mission has not started at 6:46 pm
Dead rising above the law after 7 pm
Mission starts at 7:00 pm
Dead rising above the law resuce attempt failed
First time mission failed at 8:34 pm
Dead rising 2 case 0 rescue attempt failed above the law
Second time mission failed at 8:34 pm
Dead rising above the law still active 830 pm
Mission still active at 8:30 pm
Dead rising 2 case 0 rescue attempt failed above the law (2)
Mission still active at 8:28 pm
Dead rising above the law mission loss
Chuck can failed the mission if he has not talked to Darcie yet but is still in the same room.


  • Above The Law is also the name of the mission where the gamer must protect four young women from a rather repulsive Jo. This reference may be a joke due to the girl being an attractive female, as evidenced by the father's protective comments and her carefulness even in living hell.



  1. Tyndis, Case Zero (Xbox 360), (August 21, 2010).

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