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Army Surplus Gift Store
Deadrising2 2010-10-04 10-02-34-44
Location Location icon  Palisades Mall
Type Souvenir Pawn
Store number P208
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Battleaxe ($15,000)
Dead rising attack icon  Bowling Ball ($2,000)
Dead rising attack icon  Chopper Key ($1,000,000)
Dead rising attack icon  Fire Spitter ($25,000)
Dead rising attack icon  Flaming Gloves ($25,000)
Dead rising attack icon  Knife Gloves ($30,000)
Dead rising attack icon  Plate Launcher ($35,000)
Dead rising attack icon  Spear Launcher ($35,000)
Dead rising attack icon  Super Slicer ($35,000)
Zombrex ($25,000)[1]
Dead Rising 2 Stores

Army Surplus Gift Store is a store in Dead Rising 2.




  1. The first dose costs $25,000, and the price increases by $25,000 for each subsequent purchase. Stratton, Stepehen (2010). Dead Rising 2 Prima Official Game Guide. Prima. 

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