Dead Rising
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Dead rising Bicycle
Location Location icon  Sports High
Location icon  Al Fresca Plaza near Colombian Roastmasters
Lasts ?
Cannot be placed in inventory
Dead Rising Weapons

The Bicycle is a weapon in Dead Rising. The bicycle is a great way to travel throughout the mall, but knocking into zombies or hitting any object with the bike can cause Frank to fall off. The bike can run over several zombies at once, but Frank will have to get back on it a number of times.


Dead rising bicycle blue shark

The bicycle brand is "Blue Shark".




Dead rising bicycle breaking (1)
Dead rising bicycle breaking (2)
Dead rising bicycle breaking (3)
Dead rising colombia roastmasters al fresca and bicycle location
Location of bicycle in Al Fresca Plaza
Dead Rising bicycle (2)
Dead Rising bicycle (3)
Dead rising bicycle through al fresca
Bicycling through Al Fresca
Dead rising IGN bicycle


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