Big Buck Hardware
Dead rising case 0 big Bucks hardware
Location Location icon  Still Creek
Type Hardware
Store number PR107
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  2 x 4 (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Acetylene Tank (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Box of Nails (3)
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Chainsaw (2)
Dead rising attack icon  Dolly (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Leaf Rake (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Pitchfork (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Power Drill (4)
Dead rising attack icon  Saw Blade (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Sledge Hammer (∞)
Clothing Dead rising clothing icon  Overalls
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Stores
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Big Buck Hardware is a store in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.[1]


  • Let us help you with any "fix-er-up" project. We've been doing it since 1964.



  1. Tyndis, Case Zero (Xbox 360), (August 21, 2010).

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