Dead Rising
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Dead rising CDs
Location Location icon  Entertainment Isle in Paradise Plaza
Location icon  CD Crazy in North Plaza
Lasts 30 CDs
Dead Rising Weapons

CDs is a weapon in Dead Rising.

CDs are used like gems with same effect. The difference is that Frank cannot attack multiple enemies with one shot.


  • The five pack of CDs in every store throughout the mall are the same.
  • Like books, CDs almost always drop on the back side unless bumped while they are dropping.
  • In the game the weapon action icon shows CDs plural, not CD, singular.
Dead rising cds

Paula Hopkins Mother CD

When carrying the CD, the photo is of a Paula Hopkins CD entitled "Mother", which is the top of the five pack of CDs.
Dead rising CDs jimmy ryan slide

Jimmy Ryan's Slide CD

When Frank drops the CD, the CD showing is the CD on the bottom, which is Jimmy Ryan's CD entitled "Slide", unless the CD is bumped while dropping.



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