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Cardboard Box (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Cardboard Box (Dead Rising 2)
Location Location icon  See article
Lasts 5
Strength 1
Dead Rising 2 Weapons

Cardboard Box
Dead rising Cardboard Box
Location Location icon  Throughout the mall
Lasts 3 hits
Dead Rising Weapons

The Cardboard Box (Dead Rising 2) is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. It almost always contains items ranging from snacks and handbags to chef knives and even handguns.


When the cardboard box, garbage bag, garbage can, or metal garbage can is broken, there are different items inside.

Gray is in Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero.

This list is not exhaustive. Please add more that you find.


Case ZeroEdit

Dead Rising 2Edit

  1. Americana Casino Restroom Area
  2. Atlantica Casino Upper Platforms
  3. Atlantica Casino - Sipparellos
  4. Food Court - Cheesecake Mania (F103)
  5. Food Court - Cucina Donnacci (F102)
  6. Food Court - Hungry Joe's Pizzeria (F107)
  7. Food Court - Lombardi's (F104)
  8. Food Court - Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant (F106)
  9. Food Court - Speedy Expresso (F108)
  10. Fortune City Arena Green Rooms
  11. Fortune City Arena Main Floor
  12. Fortune City Arena - Hostile Zone (E102)
  13. Fortune City Hotel Rooftop
  14. Palisades Mall - Brand New U (P203)
  15. Palisades Mall - Chris' Fine Foods (P216)
  16. Palisades Mall - Everything Diamond (P215)
  17. Palisades Mall - FairMoans (P102)
  18. Palisades Mall - Flexin' (P104)
  19. Palisades Mall - For Your Leisure (P112)
  20. Palisades Mall - High-Noon Shooting Range (P218)
  21. Palisades Mall - Kid's Choice Clothing (P209)
  22. Palisades Mall - KokoNutz Sports Town (P110)
  23. Palisades Mall - Severed Ties (P212) kiosk
  24. Palisades Mall - Space (P205)
  25. Palisades Mall - The Cleroux Collection (P210)
  26. Palisades Mall - Wallington's (P106)
  27. Platinum Strip Main Area
  28. Platinum Strip North Upper Platforms
  29. Platinum Strip South Upper Platforms
  30. Platinum Strip - Dining at Davey's (S106)
  31. Platinum Strip - Juggz Bar & Grill (S103)
  32. Royal Flush Plaza North West Maintenance Area
  33. Royal Flush Plaza South East Maintenance Area
  34. Royal Flush Plaza - Antoine's (R203)
  35. Royal Flush Plaza - Children's Castle (R209)
  36. Royal Flush Plaza - Eternal Timepieces (R206)
  37. Royal Flush Plaza - In the Closet (2) (R102)
  38. Royal Flush Plaza - Kathy's Space (R207)
  39. Royal Flush Plaza - Modern Businessman (R110)
  40. Royal Flush Plaza - Ragazines (R212)
  41. Royal Flush Plaza - SporTrance (R112)
  42. Royal Flush Plaza - The Chieftain's Hut (R113) (2)
  43. Royal Flush Plaza - The Man's Sport (R103) (2)
  44. Royal Flush Plaza - The Shoehorn (1) (R104)
  45. Royal Flush Plaza - Three Club Monte (5) (R117)
  46. Royal Flush Plaza - Tunemakers (R105) (1)
  47. Safe House
  48. Silver Strip Alley
  49. Silver Strip Atlantica Casino Rooftop
  50. Silver Strip Hot Excitorama Maintenance Hall
  51. Silver Strip Main Area
  52. Silver Strip Maintenance Hall
  53. Silver Strip Royal Flush Plaza Rooftop
  54. Silver Strip Stage Area
  55. Silver Strip - Barrel of Goods
  56. Silver Strip - Luaii Wauwii (N105)
  57. Silver Strip - Tinkerbox (N103)
  58. Slot Ranch Casino Bar Area
  59. Slot Ranch Casino Stage Area
  60. South Plaza Main Floor
  61. South Plaza Upper Platforms
  62. Underground Main Tunnel
  63. Underground - Secret Lab
  64. Underground - Warehouse A
  65. Underground - Warehouse C
  66. Underground - Warehouse D
  67. Underground - Warehouse E
  68. Yucatan Casino VIP Room


Dead rising 2 case 0 cardboard box next to fire stairs Dead rising 2 case 0 cardboard box next to fire stairs (2)

Chuck can jump on boxes to open them.



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