Case 4-1: The Source  
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Location Location icon  Shoal Nightclub
Psychopath Amber Bailey
Crystal Bailey
Survivor(s) Rebecca Chang
Starts Time icon  Sept. 26, 11 pm
Dead Rising 2 Cases
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For the Dead Rising case, see Case 4-1: Another Source.

Case 4-1: The Source is a Dead Rising 2 case. This battle involves Amber Bailey and Crystal Bailey, only one of them need to be killed.

Partial scriptEdit

Dead rising Amber and Crystal battle Chuck
Sexy Psychopathic Twins (Dead Rising 2) HD11:42

Sexy Psychopathic Twins (Dead Rising 2) HD

Case 4-1 starts at 2:30

Amber: "We're just some fellow survivors trying to win big Chuck. But you wouldn't know much about that."

Chuck: "This outbreak is killing thousands! People are dying as we speak!"

Amber: "Bragging doesn't really suit you, Chuck."

Crystal: "I always saw you more as the strong, silent type."

Amber: "The very, very silent type..."[1]


  • Case 4-1 of Dead Rising has a very similar name "Another Source".



  1. Dead Rising 2: Chrystal and Amber, Gamespot at

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