Chemical Dependency  
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Location Location icon  Safe House
Type Special Mission
Survivor(s) Dead rising jared Jared Davis
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 27 11 am[1]
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 27 3 pm[1]
Prestige points Prestige points icon  60,000
Dead Rising 2 Cases
Goal icon

Chemical Dependency is a Dead Rising 2 mission. When Chuck is notified of the mission it already has a yellow bar.

The message screen for this mission states:

GOAL: Get Zombrex
DESTINATION: Safe House Lounge
Jared's Zombrex dose is wearing off. I better get him some more before Sullivan takes care of the problem.

Jared Davis is in the lounge guarded by Sullivan, right at the base of the stairs. Give him Zombrex or he will die when the mission ends.




  1. a b Stratton, Stepehen (2010). Dead Rising 2 Prima Official Game Guide. Prima. 

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