Dead Rising
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Cliff Hudson
Dead rising cliff
Location Location icon  Crislip's Home Saloon
Mission The Hatchet Man
Survivor(s) Barbara Patterson
Josh Manning
Rich Atkins
Starts Time icon  Day Two, September 20, 08:00am
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Machete
Dead rising attack icon  Bombs
Dead rising attack icon  Smoke flares
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   30,000
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  I just saw a big dude carryin' a machete in that home store... CRISLIP'S somethin' or other. He knows where the security cameras are and he's doin' a good job of stayin' outta sight.[1]
Notebook Found wandering around Crislip's Home Saloon clutching a machete. [2]
Age 58
Race White
Voice Actor Steve Blum[3]
Dead Rising Psychopaths

Cliff is a Dead Rising psychopath found in Crislip's Home Saloon. He is a Vietnam War veteran became crazy due to his granddaugther being killed by zombies, and wields a bloody machete.

When Frank enters the Saloon, Cliff, covered in blood from his victims, is stuck in a war flashback, asks Frank's name and rank. Frank, unable to answer, is attacked by Cliff, because Cliff thinks Frank is a Viet Cong.[4]

At Cliff's death he tells Frank to keep his wallet containing the photo of his granddaughter. He also tells Frank that his granddaughter was killed by a zombie, and that for him, the war is not over.


Frank enters Crislip Home Saloon and sees butchered hanging bodies. Cliff suddenly appears behind him.

Cliff: "Name and rank, soldier!"

Frank doesn't respond.

Cliff: "You can't tell me, can you, fella?"


  • The voice actor for Cliff Hudson, Steve Blum, also does the voice acting for Roger Hall.[5]


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