XBox360 controlsEdit

Dead rising 2 case 0 how to play
X Attack
Y Talk/Command Survivor
B Pickup/Interact/Cancel
A Jump
Bright Cycle Inventory Right
Bleft Cycle Inventory Left
Tright Attack (LT+RT will Throw Item)
Tleft Aim
Start Pause Menu
Back Map
Left Move Chuck
Right Rotate Camera
Dup Unequip Current Item/Weapon
Ddown Drop Current Item/Weapon
Dright N/A
Dleft Check Watch

Note: PS3 controller will be added soon.

PC controlsEdit

W A S D Movement
Move Mouse Move Camera
Space Jump
E Interact/Open
Left Mouse Button Aim
Q Call Survivor
Right Mouse Button + Q Send Survivor
Right Mouse Button Ranged Mode
1 Inventory Left
3 Inventory Right
Click Wheel Mouse Center Camera
Esc Pause
2 Pocket Item
C Answer Call – Hold to Access friend list
X Drop Item
T Watch
Shake Mouse Grapple Wiggle
W A S D Grapple Button Game
Space then Left Mouse Button Jump Kick
Shift + Space Curb Stomp
Hold Shift + Left Mouse Button Front Kick
CTRL Dodge Roll
Shift + Hold Left Mouse Button Double Leg Drop Kick
Hold Shift + hold Space Foot Sweep
Shift then Left Mouse Button Elbow Drop
Hold Left Mouse Button (No item) Haymaker
Hold Shift + Left Mouse Button (Stand over zombie head) Field Goal
Hold Shift + Hold Left Mouse Button Smash
Hold Shift + E Hands Off
Hold Shift + E (Standing over zombies feet) Power Bomb
Hold Shift + Hold E Pick Up
Arrow keys / Mouse Move Selector
Enter / Left Mouse Button Select Item
Esc Exit




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