The most important thing to realize when starting to play Dead Rising 2 is that it's not possible to do everything in a single playthrough. Thanks to a tight 3-day time limit on your actions, you've got to choose carefully whether you're going to solve all the Cases to find out what happened in Willamette, or try to rescue all the Survivors.

Screen LayoutEdit

Chuck's StatusEdit

Chuck's status is displayed in the top-left corner of the screen. The yellow blocks represent how much health he has, and can be increased by leveling up.

The blue bar represents how much prestige points Chuck has gained towards his next Level Up, and his current level is displayed beside it.


The items currently held by Chuck appear in the top right of the screen. Usually only the currently equipped item is displayed, in the right-most box. The others appear when you scroll through the inventory with Bleft. The number of slots available to carry items can be increased by leveling up.

Current TasksEdit

The cases and missions Chuck has undertaken will be displayed down the right-hand side of the screen.

Compass Edit

The compass points the way to the currently-selected objective. You can change the active objective by pressing bringing up the wristwatch, then selecting the objective.

Prestige PointsEdit

Prestige Points, usually referred to by the abbreviation "PP", are like experience points in an Role Playing Game. By collecting enough Prestige Points Chuck will "level up", his level will increase, unlocking additional skills, increasing your health and attack power, and increasing the number of items you can carry at any one time.

Prestige Points, can be gathered in a number of ways, but the most common way is by rescuing survivors in missions. Prestige points are also awarded for reaching milestone kill counts, or killing zombies with combo weapons.

Leveling UpEdit

By collecting PP, Chuck's level will increase. The level increase will be in the form of one of several possible upgrades to Chuck's abilities and status. The type of upgrade you receive on each level up is random.

  • Attack + - Chuck's basic attack power is increased.
  • Speed + - Chuck's movement speed is increased.
  • Life + - Chuck's health bar is increased by one block.
  • Item + - Chuck's item slots have been increased by one.
  • Throw + - Chuck can throw items farther.
  • Skill + - Chuck learns an additional skill.

Save pointsEdit

You are able to save your game in the various bathrooms throughout Fortune City.




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