Dead Rising
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Dead rising Excavator
Location Location icon  North Plaza on a catwalk
Location icon  Crislip’s Home Saloon
Lasts 25 hits
Enhanced by book BOOK Icon  Engineering in Bachman's Bookporium (Paradise Plaza)
Cannot be placed in inventory
Dead Rising Weapons

The Excavator is a weapon in Dead Rising.

The Excavator is similar to the chainsaw in that it is a two-handed weapon. When used, Frank stabs it into the nearest thing around. The zombie starts spinning and with that Frank is able to hit other enemies with the zombie that is spinning around on the Excavator's shaft.


Dead rising special forces not twisted execavtor
  • Although Special Forces are hurt when stabbed by the excavator, they do not twist like zombies do.
  • In Dead Rising 2 the Excavator's upgraded appearance is the Auger.



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