Katey Greene
Dead rising katey bust
Location Location icon  Brockett Gas Station (Case Zero)
Location icon  Safe House
Notebook Chuck's spirited daughter. Infected with the zombie virus, she needs Zombrex every 12 (24) hours.
Age 4/7
Voice Actor Allyson Armstrong[1]
Dead Rising Survivors

Katey Greene is a Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 main character. She is Chuck Greene's daughter who watched her mother become a zombie and bite her in the Vegas zombie outbreak. Now she has to take Zombrex every day to avoid becoming one of the undead. In Case Zero she is four years old, in Dead Rising 2 she is seven years old.[2][3]

Gifts for KateyEdit

Chuck can bring Katey certain items as gifts for prestige points. There are a total of 11 gifts that Chuck can give to Katey. The first gift will merit the "Father of the Month" achievement and giving all 11 will merit the "Father of the year" achievement. The gifts (and images of a location for them) are listed below in no particular order.

20px Beach Ball[1] Location icon Ye Olde Toybox (R107) Royal Flush Plaza first floor 15,000
20px Bag of Marbles[2] Location icon Ye Olde Toybox (R107) Royal Flush Plaza first floor 10,000
Dead rising Funny Painting Funny Painting Location icon Palisades Mall Art Appreciation mission
at the Cleroux Collection
Mission time: Day 3, Sept. 27, 11 am to 7:10 pm
Cost: $3,000
20px Giant Stuffed Bull[3] Location icon Children's Castle Royal Flush Plaza second floor (R209) 15,000
Dead rising Giant Stuffed Donkey Giant Stuffed Donkey[4] Location icon Children's Castle Royal Flush Plaza second floor (R209) 15,000
20px Giant Stuffed Elephant[5] Location icon Stylin' Toddlers Royal Flush Plaza first floor (R111) 10,000
Dead rising Giant Stuffed Rabbit Giant Stuffed Rabbit[6] Location icon Americana Casino (Accessed from second floor of Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack jump across light fixtures)
Location icon Royal Flush Plaza second floor
Location icon Moe's Maginations
Platinum Strip (Moe) 15,000
Dead rising Robot Bear Robot Bear[7] Location icon Astonishing Illusions Royal Flush Plaza first floor (R118) 15,000
Dead rising snowflake Snowflake[8] Location icon Yucatan Casino Tame the tiger by feeding her three steaks after killing her master, Ted Smith 5,000*
Dead rising Stick Pony Stick Pony[9] Location icon Ye Olde Toybox (R107) Royal Flush Plaza first floor 15,000
20px Water Gun[10] Location icon Fortune Park watery areas
Location icon Moe's Maginations
Platinum Strip (Moe) 10,000
  • Prestige Points are rewarded to chuck for giving Katey gifts. The only exception to this is Snowflake, who will reward you 5,000 PP for "giving" her to Katie (along with a special message), but also gives you "rescue" PP for just bringing Snowflake to the safe house.
  • It is possible to go from level 1 to level 6 JUST from gifting items to Katey (no Zombie killing required)[11].

Katey has turnedEdit

In Case Zero if Katey is not given Zombrex there is a cutscene and the game is over. In Dead Rising 2 there is also a cutscene but the game will continue. When Chuck returns to the security room in the Safe House there is a second cutscene similar to Case Zero's cutscene if Chuck is outside the Brockett Gas Station when she turned. Chuck drops to his knees, pounding his fist on the ground in both scenes.


While patiently waiting in the Brockett Gas Station during Case Zero Katey:

  • Hums
  • Says: "I hate those stupid zombies."
  • Says: "I wish I had something to play with."


Dead rising case 0 katey intro on couch
Dead rising 2 katey
Dead rising 2 case 0 Katey notebook
Case Zero notebook
Dead Rising katey notebook
Dead Rising 2 notebook
Dead rising 2 Case 0 pause screen background
Case Zero pause screen background.
Dead rising katey photo on dashboad
Picture of Katey on sun visor at end of Case Zero.


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  2. Tyndis, Case Zero (Xbox 360), (August 21, 2010).
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