Dead rising Hand Gun
Location Location icon  From zombie police around the mall
Location icon  Huntin’ Shack
Location icon  Garbage cans around the mall
Lasts 30 rounds
Dead Rising Weapons

Handgun (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Handgun (Dead Rising 2)
Location Location icon  see article
Lasts 30
Strength 2
Dead Rising 2 Weapons

Dead Rising
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For the Dead Rising 2 weapon, see Handgun (Dead Rising 2).

The Handgun is a weapon in Dead Rising. The handgun is the second firearm Frank gets in the game, if Frank got the Entrance Plaza shotgun when the mall is first overran by zombies. It doesn't have much stopping power, and has 30 shots. It is useful for taking out single zombies or early bosses. A majority of the police zombies carry guns, which they drop if attacked. It is not necessary to kill them; you only have to hit them or bump into them.




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