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Dead Rising
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Health 2
Dead rising Health 2
Location Location icon  The Sinister Read
Plaza Entrance Plaza
Type Heal +
Effect +50% more health from food items
Dead Rising Books

Health 2 (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Health 2 (Dead Rising 2)
Location Location icon  Yucatan Casino - Baron Von Brathaus
Type Health+
Effect Food's health restoration boosted by 100%
Dead Rising Magazines

For the Dead Rising 2 magazine, see Health 2 (Dead Rising 2).

Health 2 is a book in Dead Rising. When held, the book gives Frank 50% more health from food items.

The books effect rounds up. For example, if a food restores only 1 health, with the book it restores 2 health (100%). With the book Health 1 and Survival food items are 200% more effective.




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