Indoor Garbage Can
Dead rising Indoor Garbage Can
Location Location icon  see article
Lasts 20
Strength 2
Cannot be placed in inventory
Dead Rising 2 Weapons

The Indoor Garbage Can is a weapon found in Dead Rising 2.


Dead Rising 2Edit

  1. Americana Casino Main Floor
  2. Americana Casino Security Office
  3. Atlantica Casino Main Floor
  4. Atlantica Casino Poker Room
  5. Fortune City Arena Green Rooms
  6. Fortune City Arena Security Area
  7. Fortune City Hotel Lobby
  8. Fortune City Hotel Rooftop
  9. Palisades Mall First Floor Main Area
  10. Palisades Mall Second Floor Main Area
  11. Platinum Strip Main Area
  12. Royal Flush Plaza First Floor Main Area
  13. Royal Flush Plaza - Roy's Mart (R109)
  14. Silver Strip Maintenance Hall
  15. Silver Strip - Shamrock Casino (N106)
  16. Silver Strip - Swept Away (N101)
  17. Slot Ranch Casino Main Floor
  18. Yucatan Casino Main Entry Area
  19. Yucatan Casino Restroom Area
  20. Yucatan Casino VIP Room
  21. Yucatan Casino - Shoal Nightclub (Y102)




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