Lead Pipe (Dead Rising 2)
Location Location icon  see article
Lasts 20
Strength 3
Dead Rising 2 Weapons

The Lead Pipe (Dead Rising 2) is a weapon found in Dead Rising 2.


Dead Rising 2 Edit

  1. Americana Casino Restroom Area
  2. Palisades Mall First Floor Main Area
  3. Platinum Strip Cinema Rooftop
  4. Silver Strip Hot Excitorama Maintenance Hall
  5. Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 14 Entrance to Fortune Park
  6. Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 15 to the right of Hot Excitorama
  7. Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 18 right of Tinkerbox (N103)
  8. South Plaza Main Floor
  9. South Plaza Upper Platforms
  10. South Plaza - Maintenance Room 25 southern most corridor
  11. Underground Main Tunnel
  12. Underground - Secret Lab
  13. Underground - Warehouse A
  14. Underground - Warehouse A Maintenance Room 29
  15. Underground - Warehouse B
  16. Yucatan Casino Fireplace Area (to the south close by)
  17. Yucatan Casino Main Floor




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