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Maintenance Tunnel Key

The maintenance tunnel key is found in the Maintenance Tunnel Warehouse in Dead Rising. The key allows Frank to access the Maintenance Tunnels through the maintenance doors around Willamette Parkview Mall. According to Otis's call, the first time Frank enters the maintenance tunnels, the key is a spare which Otis left.

Retrieving the keyEdit

At anytime, Frank can go down into the Maintenance Tunnels via the Parking Area on the west side of Leisure Park and retrieve the Maintenance Tunnel Key.

Drive into the tunnel and head for the middle dead end to find a door that leads to a warehouse. From the parking lot entrance:

Dead rising maintenance tunnel warehouse driving instructions (4) Take the first right
Dead rising maintenance tunnel warehouse driving instructions (2) The next left
Dead rising maintenance tunnel warehouse driving instructions (3) Then make a right
Dead rising maintenance tunnel warehouse driving instructions Reach the door.

In the very back right of the room, the maintenance tunnel key will be rotating just above the ground. This key allows Frank shortcuts through the different plazas of the mall by traveling underground. The key is not required to complete the game, but it makes the final cases much easier to complete.[1]

Zombie (Spoiler)Edit

Brad and Carlito fight for the last time in this maintenance warehouse in Case 7-2: Bomb Collector. Brad becomes a zombie right in front of the warehouse door.[2]

Sub-machine gunEdit

There is also a Submachine Gun behind some metal drums in the Maintenance Tunnel warehouse.[1]




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