Dead rising Motorcycle
Location Location icon  In the parking lot outside of the Maintenance Tunnels
Location icon  Outside of Seon's Food and Stuff after defeating Isabela Keyes in Case 4-2: Girl Hunting
Cannot be placed in inventory
Dead Rising Weapons

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For the Dead Rising weapon, see Motorcycle.

The Motorbike is a weapon in Dead Rising 2.

Vehicle ModificationsEdit

After defeating the psychopath Leon Bell in the Meet the Contestants mission Chuck acquires a key to Leon's Combo Bay and a green motorbike. The motorbike, located in the Combo Bay on the Silver Strip’s north end, will respawn every time Chuck enters another area with a load screen.

The motorbike is the only vehicle that Chuck can customize with new paint jobs. Chuck can't paint the Chopper.

The following is a list of every item which Chuck can combine with the bike.[1]

Bike name Weapon required Results
Bazooka Bike Rocket Launcher (combo weapon) Bike has a fireworks rocket launcher attached. Beware of splash damage. Ammo: 150.
Chain Saw Bike Chainsaw Bike has two chainsaws mounted to the sides.
Machine Gun Bike LMG Bike with two machine guns attached. Ammo: 250.
Rabbit Bike Giant Stuffed Rabbit Bike with a stuffed rabbit attached. Zombies bounce off.
Wheelchair Bike Wheelchair Bike with an attached wheelchair. Survivors and co-op players can ride in the wheelchair.
Red Rocket Red spray paint Paints the bike red.
Blue Thunder Blue spray paint Paints the bike blue.
Green Machine Green spray paint Paints the bike green.
Purple Punisher Purple spray paint Paints the bike purple.
Great American USA spray paint Paints the bike in USA colors (red, white, and blue).




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