Dead rising ovens

Food Court oven

The oven, also unofficially known as a microwave, is used to cook uncooked pizza and raw meat.


Ranges are located at:[1][2]

Dead rising oven in jill's Jill's Sandwiches Paradise Plaza
Dead rising oven hamburger fiefdom Hamburger Fiefdom Al Fresca Plaza
Dead rising oven colombian roastmasters al fresca plaza Colombian Roastmasters Al Fresca Plaza
Dead rising stove central tacos Central Tacos Food Court
Dead rising oven chris's fine food bonus Chris' Fine Foods Food Court
Dead rising stove jade paradise Jade Paradise Food Court
Dead rising stove meaty's burgers Meaty's Burgers Food Court
Dead rising stove teresa's oven Teresa's Oven Food Court
Dead rising oven thats a meatball That's A Spicy Meatball! Food Court

Prestige pointsEdit

Every time Frank uses a oven he is awarded 2,000 prestige points. If Frank uses all ovens he is awarded an additional 10,000 prestige points


  • The official guide incorrectly calls ovens "ranges". See mistakes.[3]



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