Dead rising Paddle
Location Location icon  Across the street from Brockett Gas Station
Location icon  Palisades Mall Grotto
Location icon  Palisades Mall - Under the Sea Travels (P207)
Location icon  Palisades Mall - Under the Sea Travels (P207)
Location icon  Silver Strip - Luaii Wauwii (N105)
Location icon  Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 15 to the right of Hot Excitorama
Location icon  South Plaza - Maintenance Room 25 southern most corridor
Lasts 25
Strength 1
Dead Rising 2 Weapons
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The Paddle is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Case ZeroEdit

  • In Case Zero, the only paddle available in the game is located across the street from the safe house, in a corner next to the first house.




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