Pie (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Pie (Dead Rising 2)
Location Location icon  Sheriff's Office
Location icon  Momma's Diner (2)
Health Dead Rising life 1
Dead Rising 2 Food

Dead rising Pie
Easter egg 2 Infinite Pies are available in Colombian Roastmasters. Hit several zombies with pies.
Location Location icon  Colombian Roastmasters
Lasts 2 hits
Health Dead Rising life 1
Dead Rising Weapons

For the Dead Rising food, see Pie.

The Pie (Dead Rising 2) is food in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.


By mixing two items in a blender, Chuck can create special mixed drinks.

Item 1Item 2 Result
Pie Onion Rings Untouchable
Pie Chili Repulse
Pie Bacon Quickstep
Pie Milk Zombait
Pie Orange Juice Untouchable
Pie Pie Untouchable
Pie Beer Nectar
Pie Cooking Oil Randomizer
Pie Jelly Beans Nectar
Pie Whiskey Untouchable
Pie Hot Dog Spitfire
Pie Large Soda Zombait
Pie Ketchup Spitfire
Pie Mustard Spitfire
Pie Snack Zombait
Pie Spoiled Hot Dog Randomizer


  • The pie does not stick on the zombies face as the pie does in Dead Rising, instead it leaves red juice on the zombie and disappears in the first throw.



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