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Potted Plant
Dead rising Potted Plant
Location Location icon  See article
Lasts Large Fern: 24-28 hits
Orange potted and small fern: 1 hit
Tall Bushy Plant : 35 hits
White potted plant: 33 hits
Cannot be placed in inventory
Dead Rising Weapons
For the Dead Rising 2 weapons, see Dead Rising 2 Weapons.

The Potted Plant is a weapon in Dead Rising. It is a medium-sized weapon that Frank holds with two hands which knocks over zombies. It can be also thrown for large amounts of damage but breaks immediately. The two smaller plants break immediately when used as a melee weapon also. The smallest plant can be held in inventory.


The four larger potted plants, when used as a melee weapon has a two swipe attack. They also have a swing attack, similar to a bench.

Unofficial Name Location
Dead rising Potted Plant 4 Large Fern (Sharp leaf plant)
Wonderland Plaza
Al Fresca Plaza
Dead rising Potted Plant Orange potted plant
Dead rising Potted Plant 5 Small fern
Al Fresca Plaza
Entrance Plaza
Paradise Plaza
Wonderland Plaza
Dead rising Potted Plant (2) White potted plant
Dead rising Potted Plant 3 Tall Bushy Plant
Paradise Plaza
Wonderland Plaza
Dead rising Potted Plant 6 Bamboo plant
Entrance Plaza

Trivia Edit

Escorted Survivors tend to get stuck on the Tall bushy plant outside the Warehouse entrance in the Paradise Plaza; they run indefinitely until Frank intervenes by moving the plant or pushing/hitting the survivor. Also labelled the 'Dreaded Pot Plant'.



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