Sharon Riesinger
Dead rising case 0 sharon mugshot
Location Location icon  Quarantine Zone
Mission The Morning After
Starts Time icon  1 pm
Expires Time icon   7 pm
Join Prestige points icon  1,500
Prestige points icon   3,500
Notebook Recovering from more than a nasty hangover. Found in the Quarantine Camp.
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Survivors

Sharon Riesinger is a Dead Rising 2: Case Zero survivor.[1] She is found in the Quarantine Zone. She was bit on the arm and was sent to the Quarantine Zone, being separated by Tia Hernandaz and Nikki Valentino.



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  1. Tyndis, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (Xbox 360), (August 20, 2010), video location: 18:21.

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