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This article is about the skateboard, for the book, see Skateboard Book.
For the Dead Rising 2 item, see Skateboarding (Dead Rising 2).

The Skateboard is a weapon in Dead Rising. The skateboard is easy to use, just jump on and ride around. It's great for getting out of a crowd, or if Frank has to get around quickly.

It's relatively fast, and it usually is a one-hit kill if Frank runs head-on with a zombie. It never runs out when Frank is riding, but if Frank is mowing down zombies Frank can kill three zombies. But if Frank has the three books Frank can hit 81 zombies before the board breaks.

Colliding with any stationary object while on the skateboard will cause Frank to fall and take damage.[1]

Skateboard tricksEdit


With the Skateboarding book Frank can do kick flips.


  • Frank easily goes through the shallow ponds in Leisure Park with the skateboard.
  • When the skateboard breaks, Frank does a backwards flip.



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