• Anno1404 is gone.

    Stating: The site is currently unavailable.

    It is not on Google cache and it is not on

    Because of this, I have downloaded a Firefox add on called Abduction! and will do screenshots and post all pages here.

    I will also the text of these sites.

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  • Anno1404

    As I wander around Fortune City I come upon some really strange and interesting pictures. So I thought I would test editors knowledge of Dead Rising 2.

    Where is this picture taken:

    I will create an award for whoever guesses correctly.

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  • Anno1404

    If you have the PC version of Dead Rising 2 there are some mind boggling cool modifications you can create.

    I have been working with the modification community at to list all modifications which are available. This is the most complete and detailed list of mods available on the web.

    You can:

    1. play as 14 different characters, (more added each day)
    2. modify clothes,
    3. teleport,
    4. slow down time,
    5. play with no zombies or missions, in an empty world,
    6. jump to any mission or case,
    7. jump to any location on the map,
    8. have stock piles of the most powerful weapons, clothing, food, mixed drinks,
    9. change the view
    10. reach level 30 in 5 minutes


    As a person who is more interested in the underlying game mechanics of the game more than play…

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  • Anno1404

    Unanswered Questions

    October 11, 2010 by Anno1404

    We just created a new page called Unanswered Questions any editor can add a section to any article entitled "Unanswered Questions".

    To add a question To answer a question

    Right above the trivia section add:

    Questions will be added to the unanswered question page.

    Write the answer into the article, then remove the question from the article and remove the question from

    Unanswered Questions

    Anno1404 03:22, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Anno1404

    It would help playing the game a lot, if players found the Dead Rising 2's version of the Small Chainsaw, which was the best weapon in the game.

    Many forum members on other sites seem to overwhelming agree that for psychos, the Knife Gloves are the best weapon. (See the Knife Gloves page for more details).

    What is Dead Rising 2's "small chainsaw": the most durable weapon which inflicts a lot of damage?

    Please explain exactly why this weapon is better than the Knife Gloves?

    Further do magazines work on combo weapons?

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