If you have the PC version of Dead Rising 2 there are some mind boggling cool modifications you can create.

I have been working with the modification community at to list all modifications which are available. This is the most complete and detailed list of mods available on the web. thumb|300px|right|Undead chuck skin modification

You can:

  1. play as 14 different characters, (more added each day)
  2. modify clothes,
  3. teleport,
  4. slow down time,
  5. play with no zombies or missions, in an empty world,
  6. jump to any mission or case,
  7. jump to any location on the map,
  8. have stock piles of the most powerful weapons, clothing, food, mixed drinks,
  9. change the view
  10. reach level 30 in 5 minutes


As a person who is more interested in the underlying game mechanics of the game more than playing the game itself, these modifications are Nirvana for me. I got the PC version now too, just so I can manipulate the game mechanics.

Warning the game is VERY slow if you don't have a high end PC. Although my graphic card is a very low end card, and my processor is cheap, the game works, the graphics are great, but the game is extremely slow.

[[Video:Dead Rising 2 - PC - My Mod's 1st UPDATE - More Items atop Royal Flush Coffee Shop Kiosk|thumb|300px|right|Dead Rising 2 Mod's Items atop Royal Flush Plaza Coffee Shop Kiosk, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.]] thumb|300px|right|Dead Rising 2 PC MOD Play as The Twins

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