This wikia has:

1 pm for Above the Law,
1 pm for Hanging By A Thread (Nick and Sally)


"Above the Law" - 1:00 PM
Nick - north rabbit after 3:00PM(Wonderland)"

Our sister project:

"12 p.m. September 20"
Hanging By A Thread "1 p.m., September 20"

Dead Rising: Otis Transmission Guide by GeistCH:

20th/Noon..."Above the Law" scoop transmission.

Gamespot Gameguide Dead Rising:

Above The Law 1:00 PM, September 20th.

Dead Rising Featured Guide (another section):

"Above the Law" Start Time: 3:00 PM, September 20

Dead Rising Compilation of FAQs and Guides:

"Above The Law" 12:00pm On day 2
Hanging By A Thread 1 pm

Dead Rising: Weapon Guide by Vermilion:

Above The Law 1:00 PM

Dead Rising: FAQ/Walkthrough by oceanshoreview:

{ 12:30 } 'Above the Law' call.

Dead Rising: FAQ/Walkthrough by Natedrizzle:

Above the Law-Available at 6:00 p.m.

You all get the idea....It is ridiculous the time differences isn't it? This is EXACTLY Why I felt it was imperative to make a screen shot account of when these missions end and begin.

My screenshots show 3pm:

Is there ANY reason that this could be wrong? No I was not in the Rooftop or security room. Anyone care to play through and tell me if 3pm is right? Anno1404 00:49, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

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