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    Fix this wiki!

    September 11, 2016 by Himari Noiharachan

    Dear people that may read this:

    I've noticed many problems with this wiki.  I'm pretty bad at formatting.  However, I can provide whatever game information you need.

    In particular, pages that I've noticed need improvement:

    prestige points( dead rising 2):missing level up skills, stats, pp needed table.

    magazines(dead rising 2): missing most of the information in the magazine table

    survivors(dead rising 2): MANY duplicates in the table, incorrect formatting, missing images.  PP join and PP safehouse arrival bonuses are also not even listed.

    I'd like to provide information for these pages if I could.  I will try to gather information, and post it all on the talk pages when I'm ready.

    If someone wants to put the information into the pages for me, th…

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