• Nick Kohut

    Online Frustrations

    October 12, 2010 by Nick Kohut

    I've been having an awful lot of problems with Xbox Live lately. My router seems to be unable to allow me to Co-Op smoothly. I'll hook my Xbox directly into my modem and it will work then... sometimes. For some reason one particular friend and I cannot connect via XBL ever. It has been this way for a long time. Every now and then it will work, but 90% of the time, no dice. We played Co-Op for a good two nights since the game released, and that's it. It worked once through my router and only once. All of my ports are open for Xbox, I even set up a DMZ. After all this I even updated my router's six-year-old firmware. Nothing. So I rely on hooking up directly to the modem and even that doesn't work sometimes. Called Xbox, they're supposed to …

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  • Nick Kohut

    History & Timeline

    October 7, 2010 by Nick Kohut

    It's really frustrating working on this stuff when the series is so young. Especially since Dead Rising 2 took so many years to release. If it was an immediate franchise, there would probably be a lot more information by now. Just the simple fact that the only dates apparent in the game are days in September, but of what year? No years anywhere. Are we supposed to assume they're the same as the years the games were released. Possibly, but there's one small problem there.

    The events of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 are separated by 5 years in the games' world, but they were released only 4 years apart. So you have to decide whether or not Dead Rising takes place in 2006 and Dead Rising 2 takes place in 2011 or if Dead Rising takes place in 2…

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  • Nick Kohut

    My Dead Rising 2 Review

    October 5, 2010 by Nick Kohut

    I must begin by saying that I've been waiting since shortly after I got Dead Rising (when Xbox 360 was released, so I've had the full amount of time possible to play it without working for Capcom) for a sequel or even an announcement of a series. For a very long time, I would visit the Dead Rising websites, just to see the same content that hadn't been updated since its release. I was so worried it would be another gem left by the wayside. When I learned that DR was Capcom's next big franchise, I had to change my pants. I was overly thrilled, playing Dead Rising through for the hundredth time, preparing for the second outbreak. Although I didn't get all the achievements (which I greatly regret), I felt that I got the most out of the first …

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