It's really frustrating working on this stuff when the series is so young. Especially since Dead Rising 2 took so many years to release. If it was an immediate franchise, there would probably be a lot more information by now. Just the simple fact that the only dates apparent in the game are days in September, but of what year? No years anywhere. Are we supposed to assume they're the same as the years the games were released. Possibly, but there's one small problem there.

The events of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 are separated by 5 years in the games' world, but they were released only 4 years apart. So you have to decide whether or not Dead Rising takes place in 2006 and Dead Rising 2 takes place in 2011 or if Dead Rising takes place in 2005 and Dead Rising 2 takes place in 2010. I went with attaching Dead Rising 2 to 2010. Why? I don't really know. It was released September 28, right? The first day in-game. And Dead Rising was released in August 2006, but the game takes place in September. So I went with the first game taking place a year before, rather than a month after the release.

In either case, if a year is ever brought up in any subsequent games (I pray to God), then the dates along the timeline will need to be set forward by 1. So what? Not too much work. GOODNIGHT. Nick Kohut 01:15, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

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