Easter egg 2 Chuck can wheel survivors too.
Location Location icon  Americana Casino Main Floor
Location icon  Americana Casino - Maintenance Room 28 across from Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack (just outside)
Location icon  Fortune City Hotel Lobby
Location icon  Platinum Strip - Cash Gordon's Casino (S102) (Right Outside)
Location icon  Platinum Strip - Maintenance Room 22 South of TIR Souvenir Kiosk (2) (S108)
Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza First Floor Main Area
Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza - Maintenance Room 2 in the back (wheelchair right side of Tunemakers)
Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza - Tunemakers (R105) (1)
Location icon  Slot Ranch Casino Main Floor
Location icon  Underground - Warehouse A
Location icon  Underground - Warehouse A Maintenance Room 29
Location icon  Underground - North tunnel Maintenance Room 31
Location icon  Yucatan Casino Main Floor
Lasts 40
Strength 2
Dead Rising 2 Weapons
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The Wheelchair is a weapon in Dead Rising 2.

Dead rising 2 wheelchair by survivor

Survivors can be wheeled in the wheelchair, just wait until a survivor is near the wheelchair, then press B to push the wheelchair.




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